The summer school consists of two types of sessions, keynotes and lectures. Both are delivered by eminent researchers – the difference is that keynote talks provide more focused perspectives and personal reflections whereas lectures provide more general overviews, summarizing the state-of-the-art of a variety of topics, ranging from language instruction and corpus linguistics to heritage language learning and second language cognition.

Please click here to see the schedule. You can access the abstracts of keynotes and lectures here.

A PDF of the program, including schedule and abstracts, can be accessed here.

We are organizing a poster session (click for poster abstracts) so that delegates can obtain feedback on their work as well as several social events, including a conference dinner and a Stocherkahn tour of the Neckar river. Participation in the social program requires registration by July 10.

The event will take place in the Alte Aula, a 16th century building located in town centre, and in the Pflegehofsaal. The Alte Aula served as the University’s main administrative building until the construction of the Neue Aula in the 19th century.